Not only does summer mean warmer weather, but it also means days that last longer. And for many people, their work schedule is at least a little less demanding during the summer than it is throughout the rest of the year. Given this combination of elements, it's easy to see why so much travel takes place during the summer. Whether you're planning a longer road trip or just want to head out on a day trip, it's important to be prepared for anything you may encounter. While we hope you won't have any challenges during your time on the road, putting just a little work into getting prepared will give you peace of mind in the event anything does come up.


Emergency Car Kit Essentials


If something does ever go wrong with your car, there's no way to know exactly how long you'll be stuck. That's why it's essential to have one gallon of water plus one bottle per person in the car. The next item you'll want to add to your kit is road flares or reflective hazard triangles. Put a spare phone charger in your kit, as well as energy-boosting snacks. Sunscreen and wide-brim hats will provide protection in case everyone has to get out of the vehicle. 


Other Useful Items to Include


In many cases, calling a towing service is the best thing to do when you encounter trouble on the road. But there are scenarios where taking care of the problem is something you'll want to do on your own. This is why it's useful to augment your emergency car kit with jumper cables, a portable battery charger, tire pressure gauge and tire sealant. And if you feel comfortable handling a problem that arises with your car, a tire jack, lug wrench, tow strap, head lamp and multi-tool are quite useful to have with you. Round out these essentials with a first aid kit, which should include a solar/reflective blanket.


We're Here to Help


By following what we covered in the two sections above, you'll be able to put together a really useful emergency car kit. In addition to your kit including everything you may need if something goes awry while you're on the road, you can count on USA Collision Centers if your car ever gets damaged. We offer frame & unibody straightening, painting & guaranteed color matching, paintless dent repair and auto glass replacement. With quality detail and 24/7 collision assistance, we'll turn the unpleasant misfortune of an accident into a pleasant experience. You can save our number in your phone now, which is 513-921-2117.