5 Tips to Avoid Fall Driving Hazards

Since we're proudly based in Cincinnati, we here USA Collision Centers are familiar with the road hazards all four seasons of the year can bring. Though winter is especially hazardous due to icy conditions and snow covered roadways, fall also has its fair share of driving dangers. These are our top 5 tips to avoid the most common fall driving hazards.


  1. Avoid Sudden Braking On Leaves

You should never brake on fallen leaves because they can understandably get slippery. If (and when) possible, avoid braking on leaf piles to prevent your tires from skidding or sliding.


  1. Protect Eyes From the Sun's Glare

The sun can be brutal this time of year. Stay safe when on the road by wearing a pair of anti-glare driving glasses. These glasses block glare to keep your view crystal clear.


  1. Use Caution Near Deer Crossings

Fall season is deer season. Be sure you use caution when driving near areas deer are known to roam. Watch for deer crossing signs and heed warning. Be especially mindful when driving at night or early in the morning.


  1. Replace Fog Lights, Signal Lights

Foggy mornings and hazy evenings are quite common for the fall season. This is why we recommend replacing dull lights on your vehicle before hitting the road. Replacements are cheap and easy.


  1. Make Sure to Check Tire Pressure

Did you know that for every 10 degree drop in the temperature your tires will lose about 1-2 lbs of pressure? And tires with low pressure can be dangerous. Make sure you frequently check tire pressure as the temperatures start to cool down.


Road safety is our main concern year round, and we hope you and yours stay safe when traveling the roads this fall. Keep the above tips in mind this season to better prepare for fall driving hazards.