Choosing Your Teen's First Car

The best way to ensure your teen driver stays safe on the road is to equip him or her with a reliable vehicle and an education in safety. Keep reading to learn more about 3 of the things we here at USA Collisions Centers suggest parents consider when buying a teen his or her first car.


Price Point

Let's face the truth. Teen drivers are more susceptible to collisions. With that being said, you of course don't want to purchase an expensive vehicle as your teen driver's first. We recommend buying an affordable car and maybe trading it in for a pricier one after he/she has been accident-free for a couple of years. The price point of the vehicle will also come into play when it comes to insuring your teen driver.


Car Size

The size of car your teen will need depends on his/her lifestyle and comfort level. Larger vehicles are able to better accommodate sports equipment, band instruments or orchestra instruments, whereas smaller vehicles are better suited for kids who don't need to travel with tons of gear.


Safety Rating

This one's the big kahuna! With teen drivers being more prone to accidents, it's understandable you want your teenager driving the safest car possible. Thankfully you can easily check out the safety rating of particular vehicles by searching the online records of IIHS and NHTSA crash tests. Opt for a “Top Safety Pick” to gain some peace of mind when you teen starts driving.


Repair specialists here at USA Collision Centers see far too many accidents caused by teen drivers. Before your kiddo hits the road, make sure he/she has had proper driver's education. Teaching road safety yourself doesn't always cut it. We recommend you look into driver's ed classes or student driving programs to better prepare your teen for driving.