Back To School Safety Tips

Class is back in session! We here at USA Collision Centers wish you well and hope you stay safe throughout the school year. With kids and teachers headed back to the classroom after summer vacation, we thought this would be the perfect time to give you a safety and security refresher. Here are some of our favorite back to school safety tips for parents, drivers and school-aged children.


Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers


  • Know School Bus Light Signals: Yellow flashing lights mean slow down and red flashing lights mean you should come to a full stop. Yellow warning lights are usually used when buses are preparing to slow down, whereas red lights are used when the bus has stopped for a pick up or drop off.


  • Be Aware, Heed Traffic Cues: Make sure you're paying attention to crossing guards and school administrators directing traffic in the parking lot. Be alert when you are driving through neighborhoods and school zones whether kids are walking the streets or not.


  • NEVER pass a stopped school bus:  This is against the law and puts children crossing the street in danger!


Back to School Safety Tips for Parents & Students


  • Stay a Safe Distance from the Curb: Remember to keep at least 5 feet between you and the curb when getting on and off buses or walking to school.


  • Wait for the Bus to Stop Completely: Bus riders should learn not to exit the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop. The bus driver should let them know when it's safe to disembark and cross any streets.


Drivers, walkers and bus drivers should all take the time to brush up on safety before the school year starts. We seriously can't stress this enough. Let's make this one the safest school year yet! We hope the above back to school safety tips have helped you smarten up to stay safe throughout this semester and beyond.

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