5 Ways to Help a Veteran This July



In honor of the 4th, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the brave men and women who make up our armed forces. While widely seen as heroes while in service, many former military members are treated poorly when they get home. Help us help veterans by following these suggestions:


  • Buy Them Dinner or Coffee

Pick up the tab for a veteran next time you are dining out or picking up coffee. He or she will appreciate the small act of kindness.


  • Volunteer to Drive a Vet to the Doctor

Veterans often have schedules full of doctor's appointments at the VA but sometimes have trouble getting to them. Help out by volunteering to drive a veteran to his or her appointments.


  • Train Service Dogs for Veterans

Service dogs are utilized by veterans with injuries or mental health issues caused by their time in the military. Do your part to make sure veterans are able to get qualified service dogs by volunteering to train puppies.


  • Write Letters and/or Send Gifts

There are many organizations that will link you up with a veteran or active duty service member pen pal. You don't need to personally know the veteran you'll be writing to. Simply let him/her know how grateful you are for his/her service.


  • Assist with Job Training for Veterans

Many veterans struggle with finding gainful employment once they are no longer in the military. Help them transition back to civilian life by supporting job training groups and programs for U.S. military veterans.


There are plenty more ways you can help a veteran. We hope you open your heart to the deserving veterans that need our help now more than ever. The team here at USA Collision Centers stands behind our military members always and forever.