5 Best New Apps for Driving


We here at USA Collision Centers deal with drivers on the daily. In hopes of making the streets safer for everyone, we encourage our customers to always stay safe, prepared and aware when out on the roadways commuting or road-tripping. To help our drivers have the safest and most efficient drives possible, we have put together a list of our 5 favorite apps for driving. Make some room in your phone and download these 5 new apps for drivers.


  1. Waze: This app is the best alternative for those default map apps that come pre-installed on your Android or Apple phone. It does a pretty good job of re-routing you to avoid road closures, construction and accidents.


  1. Mile IQ: Anyone who drives for work should download this driving app. Designed to track and record mileage for accounting purposes, Mile IQ is a mobile app that makes it easy to maintain your books.


  1. GasBuddy: Gas prices can spike during popular travel holidays. Hit the road ready to save the most by using this free app. GasBuddy uses GPS data to display the cheapest gas prices in your area. You can even redeem rewards with every fill up!


  1. Road-trippers: Planning a quick road trip or looking into traveling across country? Whether driving to destinations near or far, RoadTrippers can help you stay on course and get the most from your trip. Plug in your route to check out lodging, dining and attraction recommendations along the way.


  1. Parkify: Finding and paying for parking is usually frustrating and time-consuming. But not anymore. This app helps drivers find available parking spaces in real time at the cheapest rates to save them time and money.


Drivers can benefit from the technology they carry in their smartphones. Download the above 5 free apps for driving to gain a cutting-edge as a savvy driver. All of these new apps for drivers have the USA Collision Centers stamp of approval.  If you are ever in need of a repair on your automobile, please -. We are Cincinnati family owned for 40+ years!