Essential Steps to Take if You’re Involved in a Collision

No one starts their day thinking ‘today I will be involved in an accident, and I need to get prepared.’ Being prepared for a lot of things makes it easier to handle, but for collisions, it is an unfortunate traffic accident that can turn into a terrible experience real fast. You will be experiencing a lot in a few seconds or minutes after the accident; emotions, guilt, means to save yourself and those involved and so on, and these feelings might do more harm than good.


 It is always best to know what to do when these things happen. How to control your emotions, how to be safe, how to ensure you do right by the other party whether it is your fault or not? This blog post will be dealing with these issues, ensuring you are well prepared in case of a car accident. It is best to handle collisions using a well laid out step-by-step approach. What you do in the seconds or minutes after the crash can make such a difference.

Here are things to do in an event you get involved in an accident:


Check if you have any injuries and then check occupants of your car as well

Immediately after your vehicle comes to a stop after a collision, check yourself thoroughly for injuries and ensure you can move without impediments.  If you notice any form of neck and back pain, try to remain still.

As soon as you have cleared yourself from any imminent medical danger, you can check other occupants. If any of them have a neck or back pain, be certain they remain still until the first responders arrive.  


Remain calm! Check your surroundings

This is the time to keep taking deep breaths. Be aware of your surroundings. Did you stop in a safe space? Are you toppled over? Is there anything you see or have that could put you in imminent danger? Work as fast as you can, clearing issues and moving out of harm’s way.

Remember your safety is your priority before anyone else. Ensure you are safe.


Move your car to a safe spot! Do not leave the scene!

Tragedy in accidents happen when the car involved isn’t moved out of the way in time, and another collision occurs or worse, the car rolls over into a ditch.


As soon as you ascertain you are fine, and the other occupants are as well, you can move your car to a safe spot.

To do this, turn your hazard lights on. Ensure all cars involved are accounted for. Jot down their license plate numbers as well. Then you can move to a safe distance. Do not drive too far away from the accident scene. If you feel threatened, call the police immediately.

Check if occupants of the OTHER car(s) are safe

As soon as you are safe, get out of your car carefully and check if occupants of the other vehicle(s) and pedestrians involved are safe. As soon as you notice any injuries, please dial 911. Never assume help is coming even if you have a crowd around the scene, call for help as soon as you can.


What else can you do?

There are other things you can do after these crucial steps have been completed successfully. You can call our Collision Assistance Line. We’ll call police so you can get a report as soon as possible for insurance claims and court proceedings if any. Always remain calm, this isn’t easy, but it is essential to stay calm to let a tensed situation simmer down. Finally, exchange vital information (names, address, other contact information, car information, and insurance policy numbers) with other parties involved. This will ensure you get the right documentation and also get issues solved without stress.

A lot of people involved in accidents are usually stressed, especially when their car needs to be repaired. The need for a car repair center that could work with you, your insurance company and other parties cannot be overemphasized. You need to have a collision center in your corner to help take the stress off you after an accident.

In a car accident, a lot of things can go wrong. If you follow these steps, you and other involved parties in the accident will be safe.