5 Important Reminders to Avoid a Collision


 Driving an automobile can be safe or dangerous.  It really comes down to you, the driver. The majority of car collisions happen because a driver isn’t paying 100% attention to the road, or not driving with proper technique. If you consistently make yourself follow proper driving instructions, these habits may become natural and you’ll be less likely to be involved in a collision.  Picking up a phone, or doing anything else distractive will begin to feel unnatural and unsafe. Please read these 5 friendly reminders for safer driving.

1. Know Directions to Your Destination Before You Get in the Car. 

Figure out where you’re going before you start driving.  This will prevent you from looking at a GPS constantly, making quick turns, changing lanes at the last second, turning around to ask passengers for help, or even stopping suddenly. If road safety is taking a backseat to directions, you’ll be more likely to get into a collision.

2.  Do Not Be Distracted by a Cell Phone. 

Text messaging is quickly becoming the preferred way of communication for many people.  Having phones in our hands has become second nature.  But not when you are driving.  When you get in the car, put your phone away where you can’t see it. Even if you’re not holding it, it is tempting to look over and see what is coming up on your screen. Alerts, texts, notifications…they are all distracting. If you must be talking on a phone, many cars allow you to enable Bluetooth.  At least, if you’re talking on the phone, both of your hands are on the wheel!

3.  Make Accommodations for Bad Weather

Living in the Midwest, we deal with all kinds of weather and seasonal hazards.  Avoid driving if possible when driving conditions are less safe with ice, snow, fog, or heavy rain. If you must be in your car, realize that you will have to drive slower, and have enough room to brake to avoid an accident.

4. Know Your Blind Spots

There is a blind spot over your shoulder. When you are changing lanes, do not trust your mirror completely. When it is safe, glance over your shoulder to make sure there is a clear path for you to move. We’ve all had times when we thought we were good to change lanes and then looked over our shoulder to be proven wrong.  Be safe!

5. Maintain Your Automobile 

Take care of your car!  Things you should check regularly are your tire pressure, wipers, wiper fluid, brakes, lights and signals. These simple tasks are important for you to be at your safest  on the road.

We hope these reminders serve you well this winter.  Please SHARE with friends and family. If you ever have the unfortunate collision, we are here to help. USA Collision Center is family owned since 1975, and the only I-Car Gold Certified auto shop on the West Side of Cincinnati!  Our technicians study on weekends and evenings to maintain this premier status.  Call us anytime at: 513-921-2117. Happy New Year!