Tips to Avoid a Collision with an Animal This Fall


It’s a scary thing when an animal suddenly appears in the road while you’re driving. No one wants to hurt a squirrel, rabbit, or raccoon. And absolutely no one wants to have a collision with a deer. But as city and suburban areas increase development, it cuts into rural areas and forces wildlife onto roads, putting them in danger. Drivers as well as roadways are increasing in number so it automatically increases the chances of animals finding themselves upon a road with vehicles.

Did you know that there are between 1 to 2 million collisions between vehicles and large animals every year? (According to the CDC.) Most of these collisions harm animals more than humans ,but it’s a fact that between 100-200 people die each year as a result of collision between their vehicle and an animal. Wow. Let’s go over some tips to help you avoid hitting an animal.

When and Where to be Extra Careful.

Many animals have a feeding time at dawn or dusk, so be extra vigilant and slow down when driving at this time. October and November are mating season for bucks and doe and the majority of car accidents involving deer happen in these two months!

Most accidents between cars and animals occur on two-way roads that we use on the daily. It is not just a problem in rural areas. Roads that have dense woods on each side are especially dangerous.  Animals are simply looking for food or a mate and reach the edge of the forest and keep going, not realizing the danger that a paved road brings. 

 Tips if you see an animal in the road.

1.   Slow down! Tap your brakes so you make the driver behind you realize you are slowing down.  If traffic is safe and clear, maneuver around the animal.

2.   Flash you lights. When driving at night, try flashing your lights a few times if you see an animal in the road. Use your high beams when driving in wooded areas at night (only if there are no other cars coming toward you.)

3. There may be more than one.  Many animals like raccoon or deer travel in groups or families.  If you see one, be aware that there may be more to come.

We hope these tips serve as a reminder to be extra careful when driving this Fall. If you unfortunately have a collision and need an auto repair, we’d appreciate you choosing USA Collision Centers. We are i-Car Gold Certified and Cincinnati family-owned since 1975.