5 Reminders When Driving This Fall


 Fall is a time we all look forward to in Cincinnati.  Humidity is gone and we look forward to high school football tailgates, pumpkin patches, and spending time outside.  Because of the weather change, conditions can be a little tricky driving to get to all the fun. Below we want to share 5 things to watch for this Fall.


Leaves, Leaves, Everywhere!


The changing colors of the leaves are beautiful, but once they fall onto the road, they can become a hazard for drivers.  Drive slowly through them and never brake too fast - wet leaves can become as slippery as ice. And as we know from our yards, they can really cover up a space.  Leaves can hide lines on the road that we need for staying in our lanes or highlighting a crosswalk. Stay alert and aware this time of year.


Sun Glare


We’ve all been through it.  You’re driving and all of a sudden the sunshine hits your windshield in just the right way and you can’t see.  It’s scary.  During the Autumn equinox, the the first 15 minutes after the sun rises and 45 minutes before it sets is a prime time for this happening to you.  The sun aligns with the roadways going east and west and you get that blinding sun glare.  Always bring sunglasses with you during the day, and keep your windshield clean, and take it easy on your speed.


Crossing Bridges


Mornings around here in the Fall can be chilly.  Bridges can develop icy spots or patches that can cause some danger for drivers.  Even shaded areas can become slick because grounds are cooler. Keep this in mind when driving early to work or school. 


Beware of Animals


Autumn marks the beginning of breeding season for deer. This means deer will be more active and crossing roads to get to different areas. You’ll most likely see deer around sunrise or sunset, so be extra cautious and on the lookout when driving near wooded or rural areas.


Rain, Rain, Rain


Yes, we get rain in the Fall and sometimes a lot. Be careful when driving in the rain, not just because it makes the roads more slick, but because of hydroplaning.  Always give yourself enough room between the car ahead of you and your own so you can brake slowly and prevent a collision.   


Fall is one of our favorite times of the year here at USA Colllision Centers.  We hope these 5 tips serve as friendly reminders to be aware of the changing conditions this wonderful time of year brings. Drive carefully and have fun!