4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Car Fresh

Just think how much time you spend in your car every day. A lot, right? So if your car doesn’t smell fresh and clean, that’s not a very enjoyable experience. We get it, you’re busy and there are sweaty soccer players, fast food bags, and pets inhabiting your car on a daily basis. We want to offer 4 great tips to keep your car smelling amazing.

1. Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets are relatively inexpensive and placing a small opened box of them under your front seat will do wonders.  We love this idea because it’s cheap and it will last a long time. While you’re at it, you can throw a few sheets in your kids’ sports bags as well. 


2.  Baking Soda

 Back to basics.  Baking soda is so versatile and useful.  Sprinkle some on the carpet and seats, let it sit while you’re sleeping overnight and then vacuum in the morning. The baking soda will take away all the bad smells that your pets and other things can leave! 


3. Essential Oils

 Essential oils not only smell great, but each scent has different functions. Simply buy a small spray bottle and fill with water.  Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil and spritz in your car when you need to freshen it up. 


4. Auto Spa at USA Collision Centers

 Give your car a spa day at USA Collision Centers.  We have trained experts to detail your car and it will come back to you looking and smelling brand new!  We know sometimes you need a little more help for extreme odors so please give us a call at 513-921-2117.! 


We hope these DIY tips and the option of bringing your car in for a detail have given you some easy options for getting your car back to smelling great.  Your car is a big part of your family’s everyday life and it should be a pleasant experience each time you’re in it.  Have a great September!