The Best Monthly Checklist for Your Car

Your car is your right hand when it comes to work, play, getting kids to practices, and everything else your busy life requires. It truly takes quite a beating every single day. If not properly taken care of, little problems with your car can turn into big, expensive problems. We at USA Collision Centers wanted to create a checklist for you so your car will be reliable, long-lasting, and run smoothly all year.


  1. Battery


Checking your battery every month is the simplest task you can perform. Pop the hood and look at the battery. Investigate for any frayed connector cables. If any cables are broken, they won’t charge your vehicle, so they need to be replaced. Always have jumper cables in your car so you are prepared in case of emergency. 


       2. Coolant

Coolant is what keeps you engine at the right temperature for the best performance.  If fluid gets low, it can damage your engine or overheat while you’re driving.  Checking the levels of coolant just takes a minute and can prevent a lot of heartache. When your car and engine are both cool, open the hood.  Locate the radiator cap which is near the front of the engine.  Unscrew the cap and see if coolant is all the way up to the full line.  If below, simply top the coolant off with a pre-mixed solution.  


      3. Tires

This task is so important and helps prevent one of the most common problems people have when maintaining their cars. Tire pressure.  There are tons of of high tech safety features available, but in reality, your tires are the 4 things between you and the road.  Consult your owner’s manual and know exactly what your tire pressure should be for your type of car.  Fill any ow tires with correct air amount. Checking the tire pressure monthly is one of the best things you can do to help protect your life while driving.


     4. Brakes

Last, but not least on our list, is checking your brakes. What good would a car be without reliable brakes? Once a month while you have the hood open checking your battery and coolant, check your brake fluid. Keep it up to level, as you may endanger yourself and others if it’s below the correct amount. Brake fluid is usually in a clear, plastic, tank so it’s easy to spot if you’re running low. If needed, top it off to keep your car in safe driving mode.


We hope this simple, once a month checklist taught you something and encourages you to implement these simple tasks with your car every month. Doing so will save you money in the end and keep value in your car.  A monthly check up for your car can elongate it’s life, and yours. For more information on your vehicle or for auto repair, please contact USA Collision Centers. Cincinnati Family-Owned since 1975!