5 Steps to Make Your Car “Greener”


Is your car brand new, or really old? It doesn’t matter.  There are steps each and every car owner can take to ensure their vehicle is friendly to the environment, or “green”. By following these 5 steps you can improve your gas mileage and help the earth by preventing harmful vehicle emissions.


Drive Smarter


We can all drive smarter. Try to schedule your errands into one trip in the car.  Minimize mileage by getting proper directions before you head out the door. Park in the shade on these hot spring and summer days.  Your car will stay cooler and therefore use less energy to cool down when you get back in and start driving. Use cruise control whenever practical, as slowing and accelerating will reduce the gas mileage you’re getting. 


Reduce Your Load


Here’s something we can all do pretty easily. Spend an hour clearing out the things that have been in your trunk forever that don’t belong there. Of course, you should keep emergency items like first aid kits and a spare tire in your trunk, but the other junk in the trunk will cause unnecessary weight that forces your car to work extra and increase gas usage.  


Maintain Your Tires


 Are you aware of your tire pressure and what it should be? Keeping your tires at the recommended pressure can improve gas mileage by 3.3% . Once a month, you should check all of your tires and their pressure - even the spare. Tires that are low can make your engine put in more work to make your vehicle move.  Seasonal changes can lower your tire pressure, so  check your tires today and save money at the gas pump. If you don’t know your tire pressure, consult your owner’s manual or check the door jam.


Gas Caps


Next time you fill up your gas tank, check your gas cap. If it’s cracked or not securing tightly, you may be allowing gas to escape your tank in the form of vapor.  This not only wastes your money, but these emissions are harmful to environment. 


Spark Plugs


Keep them clean. Your car probably has four, six, or eight spark plus. They fire as many as three  million times every 1000 miles.  All of this firing causes heat, chemical, and electrical wear.  If you haven’t had your spark plugs checked in awhile, they’re probably dirty.  A dirty spark plug will fire unnecessarily causing wasted fuel.  


We hope these simple and doable steps make you more aware of how driving can affect the environment and your wallet.  Driving smarter and following this advice is a great way to have a small part in helping the environment.  Just think if everyone knew this information!  Please SHARE this article and if you need any help with mindful auto repairs, please contact us at USA Collision Centers in Cincinnati.  We’re family-owned since 1975.