How Teen Drivers Get Their License in Ohio

Do you have a teen in the house that will be driving soon?  You will want to read about the laws in Ohio concerning Teen Drivers. The licensing process in Ohio is a gradual one.  It allows for teens to gradually gain experience with different driving situations and eases them into driving over a period of time. Continue to read to learn about the 3 stages process teens will go through before obtaining a driver’s permit. 

Getting Their Temps 

This is a big deal in your teen’s life!  When they turn 15 1/2, excited teen drivers may apply for a temporary license permit.  Go with your teen to your local BMV office and present a state certified copy of their birth certificate. Sometimes parents can’t locate the birth certificate and have to get one mailed to them. This can take weeks, so remember to find it ahead of time, so your teen isn’t too disappointed. You can find your BMV location here:  Once there, your teen will have to pass a written and vision exam. If they pass, they will be given a receipt. They have 60 days to present this to a BMV deputy registrar’s office to obtain their temporary license. 

Probationary Driver’s License

When they hit the big 1-6, and have had their temps for a minimum of 6 months, teen drivers are allowed to go to their BMV and take the driving test.  This is a stressful time for many teens.  Some are better at taking tests than others, so don’t be surprised if they don’t pass the first time. The test involves a maneuverability and road test. They will also have to take the vision test for a second time and have proof of their 50 hours of practice driving hours. These 50 hours must include 10 hours of night driving. If they pass everything, they will receive their Probationary License. 

Your teen will have some rules with the Probationary License.  For the first 12 months, they are allowed to drive without an adult, but may NOT drive between the hours of midnight and 6am unless with a parent or guardian. Exceptions made for work, school, and emergencies. After 12 months, these license holders may not drive between 1am-5am, with the same exceptions. 

Teens with a license who are 16 years old, may not drive with more than one non-family member in the car unless there is a parent or guardian in the car as well. Once your teen turns 17, they may only have as many passengers as there are seat belts in the car.  All occupants MUST be wearing seat belts at all times. 

A Real 100% Driver’s License

Finally, when your teen turns 18, they are eligible for a full driver’s license. All prior driving restrictions are lifted, but every parent has their own rules!  

April was Distracted Drivers Awareness Month, so this is a great time to open up a discussion about the the ongoing extreme dangers of texting and driving. Whatever it is, it can wait!  

We hope this information will be helpful to you and your teen when the time comes to hand over the car keys. Good luck, and safe driving from USA Collision Centers!