Top 4 Spring Driving Safety Tips



With ice melting, and temperatures rising, you’d think that dangerous driving conditions in Cincinnati were over. But like every season, Spring comes with a new set of conditions that drivers need to be aware of.  At USA Collision Centers, we’ve compiled a list of 4 Spring Driving Safety Tips to keep you safe out there on the roads.

 1.  Stormy Weather 

Spring brings rain, rain, and more rain with all the pretty green grass and blooming flowers. Why is driving so dangerous in wet weather?  Slippery roads decrease your car's handling ability and increase the distance it takes to stop safely. After heavy rains, puddles can also cut down on tire traction and could lead to hydroplaning. What can you do? Slow down and increase your stopping distance. Replace your windshield wipers at this time as well.  Worn out blades don’t clear your windshield enough for optimum visibility.


2.  Bicyclists

Warmer weather brings cyclists out of the woodwork. Be extra vigilant when driving, and keep your eyes on the road. We know life is busy and you may be in a hurry, but trying to get around cyclists can cause you to make risky maneuvers. Please be patient and give them their space. Better safe than sorry.


3.  Animals

Animals everywhere! Animals are just as happy it’s Spring as us humans and they’re quite active during this warmer weather. Some are waking up from hibernation, and others are in mating season. You will see more animals crossing streets when driving, and in general out and about. Many animals, especially deer and raccoon, are most active at dawn or dusk. Be on the lookout at these times and slow down a bit. They blend in with our environment, so be ready for any sudden moves on their part.


4. Wear and Tear on Roads 

After our harsh winters, the roads clear and we can see the damage the weather and removal of snow and ice have caused. From snow plows to salt and sand, our roads are pretty torn up.  Be aware of any new potholes that may have developed so you don’t damage your car or get into an accident. It’s a smart time of year to check your tires too.  The cold weather deflates the air in your tires and can make driving risky. 


We hope these spring driving tips help you enjoy this time of year safely. Some say it’s the best time of the year ~not too cold and not too hot! But beware of some hazardous driving conditions that come along with rainy and warmer weather. If any of these situations cause your car any kind of damage, please call our Collision Assistance Line 24 hours/ 7 days a week at 513-921-2117. We’re here to help and Cincinnati family-owned since 1975.  Stay Safe, and Happy Spring!