Tips on Getting an Auto Body Repair Estimate


If you're involved in an auto accident, the most important thing to do is focus on your personal safety and health. Once you've taken any necessary steps for yourself, the next thing you'll want to do is take care of the damage to your vehicle. Depending on the accident, the damage can range from minor to very severe.


Although the prospect of getting your car fixed can seem like a major hassle, the good news is once you know what to do and expect, it won't be all that hard to handle. That's why we're going to cover five general tips for getting this kind of estimate, as well as what you'll get out of bringing your vehicle to USA Collision Center for auto body repair. 


5 General Tips for Getting Estimates


Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to find honest information about businesses. So our first tip is to use  to research local body shops before contacting them for an estimate. Unlike google or yelp where fake reviews can easily be posted, Carwise actually surveys real customers and asks questions that pertain to the repair of their vehicle along with any positive or negative quotes from the customer.


The next tip is to know that it's ok to get multiple estimates if you want to. Although this is not necessary, there's nothing wrong with gathering information from multiple sources. The third tip is to keep hidden damage in mind. Its easy to see the damage to the outside panels on your car but remember behind almost every exterior part on your car are many other parts, most of which can be very expensive. Until the exterior panels are removed only then will a shop know the full scope of the accident damage. It is also important to note that all late model cars are equipped with computers than need to be scanned after an accident to troubleshoot electrical component damage. Be sure the shop you choose has the capabilities to either perform these scans and repairs. 


It's also important to note that you're in control of who repairs your vehicle. While your insurance company may try to pressure you towards their "preferred provider," you are free to choose the shop you feel best about. Be sure to look at the bigger picture. Shops that offer really cheap prices may be looking to cut corners. Remember, your family’s safety is at risk with a poor repair. Ask the shop to review line by line with you their repair estimate. If you have multiple estimates, ask them to compare the differences in the competing estimates to you. 

Lastly, look for shops that are I-CAR GOLD certified. These shops have invested in the latest training and testing for their technicians and are serious about making sure your vehicle is repaired properly. To find I-CAR GOLD shop in your area, search


We Take the Stress Out of Auto Body Repair


If you want to have a great experience from the moment you request a quote to when your vehicle is fully prepared, USA Collision Center is the auto body repair service provider to choose. As a family-owned business, we are passionate about providing quality service at an affordable price.


We provide a lifetime warranty on all auto body repair work. With our stress-free collision repair, we're happy to meet or beat any competitor's price. We also offer free collision concierge service, as well as free car rental. 


For a free estimate, use our online form to request an estimate or schedule an appointment with us.