Why You Should Detail Your Car This Fall



Fall has arrived, which means we can all enjoy crisp temperatures and the other great things that go along with this season. Since there's so much going on during the fall, it often feels like this season flies by. That means before you know it, winter will arrive. While there are plenty of things to like about winter, the weather in Cincinnati can get very cold. Not only does this drop in temperature affect what your wear on a daily basis, but it can also take a toll on your car. Between the snow that falls and salt used to combat it, your car is exposed to a lot during the coldest months of the year. All of this exposure can lead to very real damage. If you want to help protect your car from this type of damage, keep reading to learn why it's such a good idea to get your car detailed now.


Protection for Your Car's Exterior


Your car's exterior is exposed to everything that's on the road during the winter. Cleaning your car's exterior now and making it a priority to keep it clean will help keep away potentially damaging debris. The same is true for your tires. By cleaning all of these surfaces and then using a protective substance like wax or dressing, the outside of your car will be ready for whatever it encounters during the winter.


Keeping Your Interior Safe


Your car's paint and tires aren't the only areas that can be affected by winter weather. Slush, salt and other undesirable substances can make their way into your car during the winter. Even if you're careful, it doesn't take much for all the things that are outside to get tracked in on your shoes or boots. This is just a true for you as the driver as it is for passengers. On top of that, the lower humidity levels that often accompany winter can cause leather upholstery to crack. Taking measures like getting upholstery conditioned now can keep it pristine through winter.


Choose The Auto Spa at USA Collision Centers


Now that we've covered why it's so important to prepare your car's exterior and interior for winter, you may be wondering how to get this work done. If you want all the advantages that go along with professional auto detailing, then The Auto Spa at USA Collision Centers is the place to bring your car. We offer Deluxe Exterior Wash, The Works Wash and The Ultimate Wash packages, as well as three different auto spa value packages. You can also customize your service with standard and premium options. And if you want to know that your car is fully prepped for winter, we offer four different complete detailing packages that range from $175 to $275.