5 Fun Road Trip Games to Pass the Time



A road trip is the perfect way to make lots of fun summer memories for your entire family. One of the great things about taking a road trip instead of flying is the journey can truly be just as much fun as the actual destination. Audiobooks and podcasts are both great ways to keep everyone entertained while you're in the car. However, there is a limit to how long everyone is going to listen. The same is true for watching movies on a tablet. When you're spending a lot of time driving, sooner or later everyone in the car is going to get a little restless. Fortunately, you can keep everyone feeling good by playing a fun game. To help with this, we've pulled together five options that you can count on to make everyone smile:


1. 21 Questions

This game is a classic for a reason. Let one person in the car think of something, then everyone starts asking questions. You can’t repeat a question that has been asked, and whoever correctly guesses the answer gets to start the next round 


2. Alphabetical Categories

Start with a category like food, bands or cars. Name something within the category that starts with an A and then the next person has to think of something with a B. Stick with a category until everyone is stumped, then start over with a new category.


3. Word Association 

The goal of this game is to see how far you can string along words through association. One person begins with a word. The following person has to think of a word that is associated. The game continues until somebody messes up or says something ridiculously far-out!


4. Fortunately/Unfortunately 

One person starts by saying “Fortunately” and mentioning something fortunate. The next person has to follow by saying something unfortunate about the previous situation. Move clockwise around the car switching between fortunate and unfortunate situations. If somebody stumbles, they get a strike. Three strikes, and you’re out! The last person with less than three strikes wins.


5. The Name Game

Start with the name of anyone famous. The next person has to say a person whose first name starts with the letter of the previous last name. If somebody mentions a person where both the first and last name start with the same letter, the game reverses in order.


We hope that you have a lot of fun on the road this summer! And in the event you ever encounter any problems, don't hesitate to contact USA Collision Center at 513-921-2117.