Important Tips for Teen Drivers

 Getting to drive as a teenager is a very exciting experience. But it’s also an experience that comes with a lot of responsibility. Since accidents continue to be the leading cause of serious injuries and death among teenagers, it’s important to follow all best practices for staying safe on the road. Because safety is paramount for teen drivers, we want to highlight several key safety tips to remember when you’re behind the wheel:


1. Covering the Basics


Speeding is an example of something that’s always going to increase your likelihood of getting in an accident. And even if you avoid an accident, speeding can result in getting pulled over. No teen wants to get hit with a hefty ticket that they have to pay and may also increase their already high insurance premium. Putting on your seatbelt is something you should automatically do before starting your car.


When you’re driving, keep both hands on the wheel. It’s also important to fill your tank before it gets too low so you’re not distracted by it. At intersections, don’t try to make it through at the last second before the light changes. And when you’re sitting at an intersection and the light turns green, look around to check for any cars speeding through before you start driving again.


2. Be Smart at School


School parking lots are a hotspot of accidents for teens. Even though the majority of these accidents don’t cause serious injuries or damage, it’s still something that’s best to avoid. You can do so by following all rules in this area and being even more cautious than normal. And if at all possible, getting to school a little early and leaving after the rush has passed will make this experience much easier.


3. Avoid Distractions


At this point, you’ve probably lost count of how many times you’ve been told not to text while driving. Sadly, far too many teens continue to ignore this advice, which is why no conversation about driving safety would be complete without it. The reason texting while driving is such a serious problem is it’s a very distracting activity. Distractions significantly increase the likelihood of having an accident, which is why it’s very important to avoid other types as well. Whether it’s putting on makeup, eating a snack or trying to entertain passengers, all of these things can wait until you’re parked.


By never forgetting basic safety tips, being smart at school and avoiding distractions, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of being involved in a serious car accident. And if you ever do have an accident that damages your car, you can count on USA Collision Centers to take care of it for you.