Fun Road Trips From Cincinnati



If you’re looking for a fun break from your normal routine but don’t have time for a full vacation, a short road trip can be the perfect option. By hitting the road and heading somewhere fun, you’ll be able to enjoy quality time with the people you care about while also getting the benefits of a break from your normal daily obligations. The good news about living in Cincinnati is there are a lot of great options for places to drive. So whether you want to limit this experience to a day trip or are able to extend your trip just a bit by staying overnight, we’ve got four awesome destinations for you to consider:


1. Ravenwood Castle


Hocking Hills State Park is an amazing destination in its own right. But if you want something to take this experience to the next level, you will not be disappointed with Ravenwood Castle. Located about ten minutes from McArthur, Ohio, staying at this location will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another way of life even though it’s only a three hour drive from the center of Cincinnati.


2. Holmes County


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by being so plugged into the Internet and always connected through your phone. So if you’re looking for a way to get off the grid and recharge, Ohio Amish Country is an excellent choice. Located about 3.5 hours northeast of Cincinnati, Holmes County is the perfect spot to enjoy living that’s beautifully simple. If you want to plan a great day trip, hit Berlin, Ohio for neat antique and cheese shops. Follow this up with Walnut Creek, which is home to the Coblentz Chocolate Company. You can round out this refreshing experience with Sugarcreek, Farmerstown and Charm.


3. Rondeau Provincial Park


Looking for the perfect weekend getaway? In less than six hours, you can drive from Cincy to a sand spit jutting out from Ontario and into Lake Erie. As long as you have your passport, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing hiking, along with beaches that are incredibly clean. You can also easily rent a cabin for an overnight stay.


4. Rabbit Hash


Continuing with our theme of awesome destinations that provide a chance to recharge, Rabbit Hash is less than an hour from Cincinnati. In addition to being a river town, Rabbit Hash is known for hosting live bluegrass and folk music, dozens of vendors selling art, baked goods, and hand-made creations during the weekends. Oh, and this town of just 315 full-time residents has a very unique claim to fame - for 16 years, the town has been presided over by pooches!


Once you choose a destination, be sure to read our post on how to prep your car for a safe road trip.