What To Do If You're in a Car Accident in 2017


Although being a safe driver by doing things like not speeding and putting your phone away while you're behind the wheel will reduce your risk of a car accident, there's no way to prevent all accidents on the road with 100% certainty. That's why the best thing you can do is be prepared before an accident ever happens. By knowing what to do prior to ever finding yourself in a situation involving an accident, you'll be in the best position to protect your well-being and vehicle. 


How to Get Prepared

Since an accident can happen at any time of the year, it's important to have a vehicle safety kit. This kit should contain all the essentials if you ever find yourself stranded due to an accident or other incident. Examples of what to include in your kit are a flashlight with batteries, first-aid supplies, flares, snow scraper and a portable toolbox. Other options to consider are a siphon pump, blanket and bag of sand or kitty litter. 

Once you put together this kit and store it in your vehicle, you'll also want to be sure that all your important documents are easily accessible in your glovebox. Those items include health insurance cards, emergency contacts, vehicle registration and ID cards. Also, if your insurance provider has an official app, having it downloaded on your phone can streamline the process of filing a claim. 


5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Getting hit by another driver can be an extremely jarring experience. That's why it's so helpful to think through and visualize the steps you will take after an accident occurs. The first is to ensure you're in a safe location. If you're not, you'll want to move your vehicle. Just be sure to avoid moving it so far that you appear to be leaving the scene. 

When you're sure you are in a safe spot, check everyone in your car and the other vehicle. If anyone is hurt (or has reason to believe that they're injured), don't hesitate to call 911. You'll also want to call the police. Based on the severity of the accident, they will let you know if an officer needs to come and file a police report. 

In terms of talking to the other driver, the information you'll want to exchange are the names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses of all occupants and witnesses, along with the insurance company name, policy number and phone number. 

The other big issue to deal with after an accident is fixing any damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, USA Collision Centers makes that surprisingly easy. Be sure to take a look at our services page now so you'll know exactly how we can help you after any kind of car accident.