Why Giving Back is Good For You


At USA Collision Centers, we’re very proud of the high quality of work we do. We also feel good about the different ways we are able to give back to the Cincinnati community. Since the arrival of 2017 means the start of a fresh year, we want to talk about giving back. Specifically, we want to take a look at exactly why giving back is something that feels so good to do. Going beyond the obvious benefits associated with this activity, here are five very interesting facts about giving back:

1. Can Increase Longevity

 Research done at the University of Exeter compared a large group of people who volunteer on a regular basis to another group that doesn't participate in this kind of activity. One of the very interesting findings of this study was that the group of volunteers had a twenty percent reduction in mortality when compared to the other group.  

2. Happier All Around

Because the study conducted at the University of Exeter was done on a very large scale, the researchers who ran it were able to look at a lot of different data. Many of the findings from the study have to do with increased happiness for people who volunteer. Specific findings from this study include a more positive well-being, increased life satisfaction and lower levels of depression. 

3. Open Up New Opportunities

In today's economy and world, the question isn't if things will change. Instead, the question we all need to remember to ask is how quickly things will change. Asking this question and then taking action is the best way to thrive even in the face of what can seem like a lot of uncertainty. Giving back by volunteering is an action that can work great for anyone considering a new professional path. That's because it provides a great way to gain experience within a new field and open doors that may not have been previously accessible. 

4. Building Bonds and Serving as a Role Model 

Giving back is a great way to build truly meaningful bonds with the people you’re helping, along with other people who are involved in supporting a cause with you. This type of work also provides the opportunity to serve as a role model.

5. Improving Cardiovascular Health 

Last but certainly not least, two studies from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of British Columbia found that volunteering is literally good for your heart. By volunteering for as little as one hour a week, it’s possible to have lower levels of inflammation, lower cholesterol and a lower BMI.