Driving on Wintry Roads

 Getting to see family or family during the holiday season can be a very special experience. If you’re planning to do any of your winter travel by driving, it’s important to be aware of what you may encounter while on the road. Although those obstacles are no reason to avoid traveling, it is important to be fully prepared. Taking the time to know exactly how to handle wintry road conditions will keep you safe and help you arrive where you’re going. So with that in mind, here are five tips to help you out:


1. Check the Weather in Advance


Even though harsh winter conditions can appear out of nowhere, you can avoid most unpleasant situations on the road by checking conditions in advance. This will alert you to any rough conditions on the horizon and provide an opportunity for you to potentially reroute your trip.


2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time


Rushed driving is never a good idea. That’s especially true when road conditions may be far from ideal. So whether it’s a short trip or longer haul, schedule enough buffer time so you won’t ever feel rushed while out on the road. And if you ever feel drowsy when you’re behind the wheel, pull over and rest until you feel alert again.


3. Don’t Go Too Low on Fuel


Winter conditions can be hard on vehicles. Given that your car may have to work extra hard during this time of the year, you don’t want to push things like letting the fuel get too low. Making it a priority to fill up whenever you dip below half full will also prevent you from getting stranded because you didn’t realize you were too far from the next available gas station.


4. Be Cautious About Cruise Control


There’s no question that cruise control can be a useful feature. And while it’s something car manufacturers work hard to ensure is safe and reliable, you never want to push your luck. That’s why you’ll want to avoid flicking it on if you’re driving through ice, sand or moisture that can make road conditions slippery.


5. Drive Steady and Smart


When you encounter slippery or icy conditions, don’t be afraid to take your time. Accelerating and decelerating slowly will help keep you safe on the road. This includes going up a hill, where it’s best to avoid stopping and trying to power up it too quickly. Steady inertia will do the most for you.


By checking the weather in advance, giving yourself plenty of time, not going too low on fuel, being cautious about cruise control and driving steady & smart, you can stay safe while driving on wintry roads. And in the unfortunate event you’re ever involved in an accident during this time of year, ourcollision concierge service will take care of everything for you without creating any additional stress.